How to Clean a Silk Comforter

A silk comforter not only looks beautiful on a bed, but it feels beautiful as well. Make sure your silk comforter stays looking attractive by taking proper care of it. Cover a silk comforter with a comforter cover during use. This cover will protect the silk comforter from stains and oils that accumulate over time. Even with the use of a cover, however, you may need to clean your silk comforter from time to time. Do this as infrequently as possible and find a professional to perform the cleaning

Prepare to sun-cure the silk comforter. Sun curing is a technique that will remove trapped moisture from within the comforter.

Hang the comforter inside the cover on a clothesline and leave it in the sun for up to two hours.

Remove from the clothesline after the time has elapsed.

Place the comforter inside the cover into a dryer. Set the dryer to the air cycle and leave the silk comforter in for 30 minutes as an alternative option to sun-curing outside.

Repeat the sun-curing process whenever the silk comforter feels heavy with moisture.

Clean the silk comforter more extensively by finding a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning silk garments.

Remove the comforter cover when it is dirty and zip all zippers. Place it in the washing machine and set the washing machine to a cold, gentle cycle.

Remove the comforter cover from the washing machine and shake it vigorously to remove wrinkles.

Place the comforter cover into the dryer and set the dryer to a low temperature.

Remove when the dryer cycle finishes and place the silk comforter back inside the comforter cover.

Tips & Warnings
Place a comforter cover over the silk comforter to protect it.
Do not launder a silk comforter more than is necessary because washing will decrease the quality and appearance of the comforter.

How to Remove Lotion From Silk

Silk is a soft, luxurious fabric that is produced from the secretions of silkworms. Silk is also a delicate fabric that can easily be ruined if not cleaned and cared for properly. Oil-based stains, such as those from hand lotions, can be cleaned from silk garments and sheets without the need for a professional cleaning. The products required can be found at your local grocery store or in your kitchen’s pantry.

Remove any remaining lotion by wiping it away with a paper towel. Avoid smearing the lotion more and try to remove the lotion with your fingers and the paper towel.

Lay the silk piece flat onto a table or ironing board.

Sprinkle the affected area with talcum powder.

Allow the talcum powder to sit for 12 hours or overnight. The talcum will absorb any of the oils from the lotion that have been worked into the silk.

Soak a cotton ball with dry cleaning solution.

Dab at the stain with the dry cleaning solution. Do not rub the stain with the solution as this will work the stain even farther into the fabric.

Allow the solution to sit for two to three minutes. Remove the solution by dabbing at it with a cotton ball that has been soaked with plain water.

How to Iron Silk Fabric

Despite its reputation as a dry-clean-only fabric, silk has tough fibers that can stand up to ironing, which means a big savings over getting your garments dry cleaned. You may use an iron directly on silk fabric and a steam setting on heavier silk fabrics. The sheen that develops on silk fabric is a reaction between the silk fiber and heat from the iron, so silk manufacturers recommend ironing on a low heat setting.

Iron the garment or fabric inside out (or wrong side up), or lightly press the silk using the iron through a press cloth placed over the right side of the fabric.

Hang the garment on a clothes hanger to cool down before wearing or storing

Tips & Warnings

Silk clothing that cannot be turned inside out (such as neckties) should be ironed using a press cloth over the fabric surface.

Always test iron silk in an inconspicuous spot before ironing the whole garment.

Do not allow water from the iron to get onto the silk fabric to avoid water stains.

Ironing silk on a high setting can damage and weaken the fabric.

Summer Pajamas: Silk is best

Summer is going away, but the heat is going on, after the enthusiastic summer night, we concluded that a piece of silk pajamas is a big help to spend the hot heat night. Silk is the best fabric in the world, and dress silk on, you will find the magic function all of a sudden. And the smooth and cool feeling just like a stream of water flows into your heart. Wow. Fantastic!
The 100% pure girls silk robes are designed with open front, three-quarter sleeves and shawl collar. The outer attached belt with inner tie is for your maximum comfort.
Our 100% smooth and soft silk kimono robes for women features long sleeves, open front, shawl collar, self silk belt with exquisitely cream-colored cuffs, and two roomy handy pockets for your leisure time at home.
This 100% pure and healthy Chinese silk robes for women are in long and open front style with exquisitely contrast trim, shawl collar, two roomy and handy pockets, long sleeve with fold-back cuffs. Front tie with internal tie closure is designed for you as well.
The high quality top is long sleeve with contrast trim, white button front, notched collar, fold-back cuffs and two handy front pockets, one left chest pocket. Wide-leg matching pants have a ribbon tie at the gathered elastic waist.
This 100%natural silk pajama set is sleeveless with adjustable spaghetti straps, V neckline and gentle gathers bust details. The coordinating shorts are coordinating shorts for maximum relax.
This 100 top quality ladies silk chemise are made with builtup straps, a scoop neck which is sleeveless and hits below hip, 100 sexy and comfortable to wear.
Silk pajamas in have different styles and tastes for four seasons. Mini-short ones for spending the intoxicating night with your love; full length ones for staying at home and lounging around, and enjoy the full care for skin all the time; ordinary ones are for your common purpose to cool the summer and warm the chilly winter. Collars are different, and so do the sleeves.
Though you have different demands, you can find the suitable one, because the lilysilk has the service of customization.
What are you waiting for? Just scan these pjs, and take your favorite ones home.

Change Life Style–Silk Coverlet for Autumn

Coverlet, also known as ‘bedspread’, is popular in America. Housewives would like to cover their bed with a coverlet for tidiness, while someone use this for warmth. Freedomsilk design their silk coverlet with high-end fabrics: pure mulberry silk on the front side, and the 100% cotton on the back side to stop slipping from the bed.

 this coverlet is designed both for tidiness and warmth. Actually, they hope their silk coverlet can be used as a blanket, after all it is made of pure silk, it’s luxurious and healthy.
Freedomsilk offers 8 colors for this coverlet, white, ivory, silvergray, champagne, gold, chocolate, pale turquoise, and sky blue. Any colors can be matched with themes of home decor.
This is the sky blue color silk coverlet which makes your bedroom different. The diamond patterns are used to prevent the silk fillings moving inside. Besides, feel smooth and soft to sleep under silk coverlet.
This chocolate color suits for elders. Silk is beneficial for human body. And it’s a good gift for sending them such a healthy coverlet. The pillow sham on this bed is also made from pure silk, which has diamond pattern on the front side with the zipper closure on the side part

How to Clean Yellowed Silk

Silk fabric is made from natural, protein-based threads. This delicate, luxurious fabric requires special cleaning methods to maintain its quality and color. Silk can turn yellow for various reasons, such as exposure to perspiration, extended storage time and improper cleaning methods. Although most silk garments are labeled “dry clean only,” you can wash 100 percent silk fabric at home with gentle products and special care.

Test a hidden area for colorfastness before washing.

Do not use regular laundry detergent, enzyme-based cleaners or chlorine bleach on silk.

Do not allow silk items to air-dry to prevent yellowing.

Do not spot-clean silk, as it can change the fabric’s color and leave permanent marks.

What Is Vegetarian Silk Or Peace Silk?

Woollens and silks keep you warm and looking elegant through the winter months! The onset of summer requires packing away of woollens and silks until the next winter season. Here is a step by step guide on how to protect your woollen and silk garments the natural way. But before that you need to understand why these clothing need an extra bit of precaution while storing.

Understand the need to pack woollens and silk properly

Ever wondered why you have to pack your woollen and silk clothes in a special manner? There are many reasons; and the same are explained below –

• Garments made from silk and wool don’t come cheap. It would cost you a tidy sum if you were to buy winter wear at the beginning of every cold season. It is therefore better to be prudent and store them well so they can be used again in the next season. Unless of course you don’t mind spending big bucks on an entire new wardrobe.
• Silk and wool are both natural fibers. Clothes made from natural fibers are vulnerable to infestation by clothes moths. Clothes moths are of different kinds and they all destroy silk and woollen fabrics. It is actually the moth larvae that feed on these fabrics if safety measures have not been taken to preserve them properly. The larvae eat the clothes, leaving small holes there by destroying the clothes, making them unfit for use.

Preparation before storing garments

Garments cannot be stored away as they are. You will be inviting trouble if the clothes are not properly cleaned before being packed away. Even if the clothes look clean you still need to go through the process of cleaning them before stowing them. There will be dead skin cells, food and dirt particles invisible to the naked eyes present on the clothes which will attract clothes moths. So follow a thorough cleaning procedure that will remove all residues and make the clothes absolutely clean.

• For home washing woollen garments use a detergent specially designed for such clothes. It is mild and does not spoil or altar the texture of the garment.
• Ensure that the woollens are completely dry and ready for storage.
• If you want to wash the woollens the eco-friendly way then use soap nut seeds for the washing.
• Alternatively you can have the woollens dry cleaned, which is as effective as hand washing.
• Silk is a delicate fabric and generally not washed at home.
• Have your silk sarees, shirts, ties, dresses, salwar suits dry cleaned at a reputed drycleaners.

Once you’ve washed and dry cleaned the clothes you are ready to stash them away. A few pointers that you need to keep in mind at the time of packing –

1. Pack your silks and woollens separately.
2. Segregate light colored clothes from darker ones, in case colors bleed.
3. Check for any rusted embellishments on the clothes, such as hooks, buttons etcetera. Remove if you find any as they will leave rust marks on your clothes.

You will need the following items for storing your clothes until next season –

1. Muslin cloth or any other soft white colored fabric.
2. Sun dried whole red chillies.
3. Sun dried Neem leaves.
4. Sun dried black pepper corns
5. Sun dried lavender flowers

All or any one of the items mentioned in the list from 2 – 5 can be used for keeping your garments safe. The reason why I am insisting on sun dried products is so there is no trace of moisture left in them. Moisture can cause mold to grow which will spoil your clothes instead of protecting them. If it is rainy weather and you can’t dry the items in the sun, then place them in an oven or microwave for a while just so the moisture gets removed.

Method used for storing clothes

• You can either use a steel trunk or an almirah or bed box or a suitcase for storing your winter clothes.
• Avoid using an inbuilt cupboard, which can get damp during the rainy season if there is seepage in the walls, as the moisture can then transfer to your clothes.
• In case you have no other option, then throw some silica gel sachets in the cupboard for it to absorb moisture.
• Assume you are using a trunk or a suitcase, line the bottom with either neem leaves or whole chilies or both.
• If using red chilies use just a handful.
• Spread a muslin cloth over the ingredients in such a way that it covers the entire inside of the box with ample length hanging out of it.
• Place your clothes on top of the muslin, keeping heavy clothes at the bottom and lighter ones above them, so the weight of the heavy clothes does not squash clothes at the bottom.
• Make small sachets using a bit of muslin and place lavender and pepper corns in them.
• You can use them in combination or alone.
• Strategically place these sachets between clothes while you are packing them. You can use around palm sized sachets in the packing case.
• When the box is full, fold the overhanging piece of cloth over the packed clothes such that they are completely enclosed.
• Spread some more neem or chilies on the top, close the lid and secure the box.

When you open the box after a few months, you’ll find your clothes intact just the way you left them.

Advantages of natural ingredients over chemical products

The method of storing clothes is tried and tested and has been in use in my family for at least four generations. I advocate this method of storing clothes as it is a green initiative, which I endorse.

• Using natural ingredients is always a better option as they don’t leave a carbon footprint.
• Natural products are easily available.
• Moth balls or Naphthalene balls can cause allergic reactions in susceptible people.
• Naphthalene balls disintegrate with time and will need periodic replacement.
• They also tarnish sequins, ‘zari’, ‘gota’ and other gold work done on silk sarees.
• Moth balls can also react with the dyes used in colouring the fabrics, fading them unevenly, in blotches.

Use these naturals methods to store your winter clothes.

Why We Need A Pillow?

Let’s count how much time a day we spend on the bed, I mean sleep. There should be eight hours, right? More or less. Obviously, we spend almost one third time on sleep, the bed, comforters and pillows accompany us the most time. The quality of sleep directly affects our work and life. I believe all of you have the same experience with me.

If you wake up one morning and find that you could not move your neck and get back pain, also you feel tired, it would be necessary to consider whether it is pillow’s problem.

The cervical vertebrae is on the top of human spine, consisting of seven vertebrae in the neck inside. These seven piece of vertebrae form a sleek arc toward the front, while the role of the pillow is to maintain the normal physiological curve.

How to maintain the normal physiological curvature, it is necessary to look at whether the level of softness and shapes of pillows you choose is really appropriate.

It is said that all diseases start from the spine. Take care of your spine, and you will be healthy. While the role of the pillow is to ensure that the physiological curvature of the neck is not deformed during sleep. Selecting those pillows in line with the ergonomic design is beneficial to cervical physiological curvature of the spine and paraspinal muscles. Inappropriate choice of pillows has a direct impact on people’s sleep. A research said that the French scientists found that the insomnia even give a negative impact on people’s sex lives.


So what kind of pillow is appropriate?
It seems unscientific to say “peaceful and healthy to lie on a high pillow”. If your pillow is too high, you can not maintain the normal cervical lordosis curvature of sleep, no matter what position you lie, it will increase the burden on the cervical spine, which often lead to a stiff neck.
As you wake up, you feel neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia or numbness in hands and feet, it is likely pillow’s problem. If you feel ache in your neck and shoulder, it is because of your low pillow or no use of it. If the pillow is too low, it will cause head congestion, swelling of the eyelids.

The experts say that Whether you lie on your back or your side, you should choose pillows to allow the neck to keep the normal physiological curvature.
Generally speaking, adults’ height is about 8-10 cm when you lie on your back, 10-15 cm height when you are on your side. Due to various physiological structure Of each person, physiological cervical curve is different. We should take some time to choose your healthy and suitable pillow, to give you a peaceful and sound sleep.

Tips for Mother’s Day Gifts

Every year as the flowers start to bloom and the weather starts to get warmer, we start to celebrate Mother’s Day. May is a special month because it has a meaningful festival for the greatest person in the world!
Mum is the one that always has us at the top of her list. Once a year we get the opportunity to show Mum just how much we appreciate her. We’ll make sure she is treated like the Queen she is and comes out looking and feeling better than she has since last year!
1. Make sure what is your mother want
Mother does not ask anything from us, what they want most is your accompanion and care. But we really can not meet her needs sometimes for some unknown reasons. Mother’s Day is coming, we sons and daughters should take this chance to thank our mother and allow her a day of pampering.
  • If you have time, please spend the whole day accompanying with her, listening to her, and talk something new about yourself to her.  You may have the experience that sometimes mother’s tips do really work! We need such a heart-to-heart talk. Cook a brunch for her by yourself, and let her relax and enjoy delicious food without cooking. It is her time to get the return from her years long spending.
  • But if you do not have some leisuire time, we always get something busy for no reasons, please take some minutes to picking a considerate gifts for her. Write her a card, send her a bundle of flowers. They will be happy to receive these gifts, even though they always ask nothing.
  • And if you think these actions can not express your gratutide and appreciation, you can buy her a set of silk pajamas. Silk is really a temptation to women, which is hard to resist no matter how old she is. Silk pillows with silk pillow covers are also available. Silk is not only soft and smooth to the surface touching, but also because silk do a big favor to health, skin, and hair. If you want to buy mother something to please her, why not choose a set of silk production?
2. Consider much more about her health
If we can not live with her, care more about her health. The olds are easy to hurt themselves, by poor weather or some solid thing in the house, etc. What we should do is pre-imagine the hidden risk and danger, and tell them to avoid.
  • Reset the furniture for your parents. Some edges and corners are sharp to hurt them, help them to get rid of them. And put them some short furniture, which are easy to reach.
  • Change soft and gentle intimate clothes for them. It is really care and protect for their skin and body. Cotton is a good choice, if you have enough money, you also can choose silk for them. Silk is also helpful for sleep quality. The olds are afraid of losing sleep and in a insomnia state. Do something to help them. Silk pillows can not only help reduce the pressure of vertebrae cervicales, but also help cure insomnia, improve sleep quality.

Benefits of Silk Beddding

All these bedding  you can see following are made of natural silk, 100% mulberry silk. Somebody has ever said that each woman should have her own silk products. Because Silk protein contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 11 of which are necessary for the human body, so pure silk is good for skin, especially for sensitive skin, delicate infant skin and pruritus skin of the old. These amino acid send out subtle molecular, also called “sleep molecular”, which can make the person’s nerve in a stable condition. silk pajamas and silk comforter can improve sleep, enhance body vitality, and slow down aging.


Silk contains natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells – thus helping to reduce signs of aging. Silk is a natural heat regular Maintaining body temperature -Silk does not conduct heat or static electricity like other fibres – heat is retained during cold temperatures and redundant heat is shed during summer temperatures. Keeping your skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Because process of turning those cocoons into silk is a gentle one that does not strip away those natural substances, the benefits of them are still in the silk. Dust mites, mold, and funguses all do not like those substances and stay away from silk.


The best quality mulberry silk duvets can easily last upwards of 15 – 20 years. Because Silk filled duvets are used Grade A long fibre mulberry silk. The long threads in mulberry silk along with its natural tendency to adhere and bond with itself creates a fabric that is very durable and long lasting.


Silk is a naturally thermal fibre. The silk filled duvet will keep you gently warm but not overheated. A pure silk scarf is recommended by some doctors to wear around your neck if you have neck pain. Why? This is because silk constantly keeps you warm, regulates your body temperature and is gentle to your skin.


Silk is the most hygienic material to be used as bedding. So if have to get rid of your down comforter because of dust mite allergies, getting a silk comforter instead is the perfect choice.


Silk duvets because of their thermal criss-cross pattern provide the required thermal properties at a weight a fraction of traditional feather, down or synthetic duvets. Consequently, the light weight on your body is a real benefit to people suffering from circulation issues and arthritis where the weight of bedding causes discomfort.


Silk is a breathable fabric, making silk duvets comfortable in a wide temperature range. Silk duvets are also ideal for women who suffer from “hot flushes” caused by menopause.

All these bedding can be found at freedomsilk  offers a range of luxurious silk comforters, silk pillows, silk sheets, silk nightwear for both men and women, silk bedding sets and popular silk accessories in different styles and colors. freedomsilk  specializes in genuine silk products. All their products are made from Grade A, long strand, 100% mulberry (Morus alba) silk created by the finest silk worms called Mombyx mori.