Why We Need A Pillow?

Let’s count how much time a day we spend on the bed, I mean sleep. There should be eight hours, right? More or less. Obviously, we spend almost one third time on sleep, the bed, comforters and pillows accompany us the most time. The quality of sleep directly affects our work and life. I believe all of you have the same experience with me.

If you wake up one morning and find that you could not move your neck and get back pain, also you feel tired, it would be necessary to consider whether it is pillow’s problem.

The cervical vertebrae is on the top of human spine, consisting of seven vertebrae in the neck inside. These seven piece of vertebrae form a sleek arc toward the front, while the role of the pillow is to maintain the normal physiological curve.

How to maintain the normal physiological curvature, it is necessary to look at whether the level of softness and shapes of pillows you choose is really appropriate.

It is said that all diseases start from the spine. Take care of your spine, and you will be healthy. While the role of the pillow is to ensure that the physiological curvature of the neck is not deformed during sleep. Selecting those pillows in line with the ergonomic design is beneficial to cervical physiological curvature of the spine and paraspinal muscles. Inappropriate choice of pillows has a direct impact on people’s sleep. A research said that the French scientists found that the insomnia even give a negative impact on people’s sex lives.


So what kind of pillow is appropriate?
It seems unscientific to say “peaceful and healthy to lie on a high pillow”. If your pillow is too high, you can not maintain the normal cervical lordosis curvature of sleep, no matter what position you lie, it will increase the burden on the cervical spine, which often lead to a stiff neck.
As you wake up, you feel neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia or numbness in hands and feet, it is likely pillow’s problem. If you feel ache in your neck and shoulder, it is because of your low pillow or no use of it. If the pillow is too low, it will cause head congestion, swelling of the eyelids.

The experts say that Whether you lie on your back or your side, you should choose pillows to allow the neck to keep the normal physiological curvature.
Generally speaking, adults’ height is about 8-10 cm when you lie on your back, 10-15 cm height when you are on your side. Due to various physiological structure Of each person, physiological cervical curve is different. We should take some time to choose your healthy and suitable pillow, to give you a peaceful and sound sleep.

Tips for Mother’s Day Gifts

Every year as the flowers start to bloom and the weather starts to get warmer, we start to celebrate Mother’s Day. May is a special month because it has a meaningful festival for the greatest person in the world!
Mum is the one that always has us at the top of her list. Once a year we get the opportunity to show Mum just how much we appreciate her. We’ll make sure she is treated like the Queen she is and comes out looking and feeling better than she has since last year!
1. Make sure what is your mother want
Mother does not ask anything from us, what they want most is your accompanion and care. But we really can not meet her needs sometimes for some unknown reasons. Mother’s Day is coming, we sons and daughters should take this chance to thank our mother and allow her a day of pampering.
  • If you have time, please spend the whole day accompanying with her, listening to her, and talk something new about yourself to her.  You may have the experience that sometimes mother’s tips do really work! We need such a heart-to-heart talk. Cook a brunch for her by yourself, and let her relax and enjoy delicious food without cooking. It is her time to get the return from her years long spending.
  • But if you do not have some leisuire time, we always get something busy for no reasons, please take some minutes to picking a considerate gifts for her. Write her a card, send her a bundle of flowers. They will be happy to receive these gifts, even though they always ask nothing.
  • And if you think these actions can not express your gratutide and appreciation, you can buy her a set of silk pajamas. Silk is really a temptation to women, which is hard to resist no matter how old she is. Silk pillows with silk pillow covers are also available. Silk is not only soft and smooth to the surface touching, but also because silk do a big favor to health, skin, and hair. If you want to buy mother something to please her, why not choose a set of silk production?
2. Consider much more about her health
If we can not live with her, care more about her health. The olds are easy to hurt themselves, by poor weather or some solid thing in the house, etc. What we should do is pre-imagine the hidden risk and danger, and tell them to avoid.
  • Reset the furniture for your parents. Some edges and corners are sharp to hurt them, help them to get rid of them. And put them some short furniture, which are easy to reach.
  • Change soft and gentle intimate clothes for them. It is really care and protect for their skin and body. Cotton is a good choice, if you have enough money, you also can choose silk for them. Silk is also helpful for sleep quality. The olds are afraid of losing sleep and in a insomnia state. Do something to help them. Silk pillows can not only help reduce the pressure of vertebrae cervicales, but also help cure insomnia, improve sleep quality.