How to Remove Lotion From Silk

Silk is a soft, luxurious fabric that is produced from the secretions of silkworms. Silk is also a delicate fabric that can easily be ruined if not cleaned and cared for properly. Oil-based stains, such as those from hand lotions, can be cleaned from silk garments and sheets without the need for a professional cleaning. The products required can be found at your local grocery store or in your kitchen’s pantry.

Remove any remaining lotion by wiping it away with a paper towel. Avoid smearing the lotion more and try to remove the lotion with your fingers and the paper towel.

Lay the silk piece flat onto a table or ironing board.

Sprinkle the affected area with talcum powder.

Allow the talcum powder to sit for 12 hours or overnight. The talcum will absorb any of the oils from the lotion that have been worked into the silk.

Soak a cotton ball with dry cleaning solution.

Dab at the stain with the dry cleaning solution. Do not rub the stain with the solution as this will work the stain even farther into the fabric.

Allow the solution to sit for two to three minutes. Remove the solution by dabbing at it with a cotton ball that has been soaked with plain water.

How to Iron Silk Fabric

Despite its reputation as a dry-clean-only fabric, silk has tough fibers that can stand up to ironing, which means a big savings over getting your garments dry cleaned. You may use an iron directly on silk fabric and a steam setting on heavier silk fabrics. The sheen that develops on silk fabric is a reaction between the silk fiber and heat from the iron, so silk manufacturers recommend ironing on a low heat setting.

Iron the garment or fabric inside out (or wrong side up), or lightly press the silk using the iron through a press cloth placed over the right side of the fabric.

Hang the garment on a clothes hanger to cool down before wearing or storing

Tips & Warnings

Silk clothing that cannot be turned inside out (such as neckties) should be ironed using a press cloth over the fabric surface.

Always test iron silk in an inconspicuous spot before ironing the whole garment.

Do not allow water from the iron to get onto the silk fabric to avoid water stains.

Ironing silk on a high setting can damage and weaken the fabric.

Summer Pajamas: Silk is best

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Change Life Style–Silk Coverlet for Autumn

Coverlet, also known as ‘bedspread’, is popular in America. Housewives would like to cover their bed with a coverlet for tidiness, while someone use this for warmth. Freedomsilk design their silk coverlet with high-end fabrics: pure mulberry silk on the front side, and the 100% cotton on the back side to stop slipping from the bed.

 this coverlet is designed both for tidiness and warmth. Actually, they hope their silk coverlet can be used as a blanket, after all it is made of pure silk, it’s luxurious and healthy.
Freedomsilk offers 8 colors for this coverlet, white, ivory, silvergray, champagne, gold, chocolate, pale turquoise, and sky blue. Any colors can be matched with themes of home decor.
This is the sky blue color silk coverlet which makes your bedroom different. The diamond patterns are used to prevent the silk fillings moving inside. Besides, feel smooth and soft to sleep under silk coverlet.
This chocolate color suits for elders. Silk is beneficial for human body. And it’s a good gift for sending them such a healthy coverlet. The pillow sham on this bed is also made from pure silk, which has diamond pattern on the front side with the zipper closure on the side part