How to protect facial skin after long-term use of computer?

Due to long-term work in front of the computer, the facial skin having been very white before tends to become more and more gloomy, and the sides of the nose also have some small spots. How to protect the skin, while not giving up the use of computer? Is there any way that saves money to protect the facial skin, at the same time avoiding the computer radiation?

First, the static electricity generated by the computer turns lethal to the skin. Electrostatic interaction causes the screen to adsorb dust and dirt in the air, while we keep a close distance with our computer, a lot of dust will fall onto the skin, which will let skin dirty, and clogged, gradually acne breeds; at the same time these dusts adsorb moisture of the skin surface. Over time, there will be vicious cycle of dry skin and oil skin which will be more dry and oil respectively.

Second, computer-generated radiation get injury to the skin and eyes, causing dry eyes, and gradually increase generation of black smoke ring.

7 ways to prevent and control “computer skin”

1. Ensure that the fluorescent screen is clean.
use a clean fine cloth to wipe the dust on your computer screen before you open it.

2. Isolation is the most important.
Learn how to use the Cream. A thin layer allows isolation between the skin and dust. Such as the Whitening Moisturizing Cream. In addition, use the foundation with the point of a breathable function, to build a barrier between the skin and the outside dust, but do not use oily foundation.
3. Frequent cleaning.
Electrostatic precipitation will make your face dirty. After half a day work, be sure to wash your face, wash your hands, chose different series of skin cleaning, to allow the skin to relax; bath after work.
4. Frequent replenishment.
Computer radiation can cause dry skin. Put a bottle of liquid products on your side, such as liquid nourishment, soft (cool) lotion, essence, etc…
5. Do a deep cleansing mask and moisturizing mask weekly.
Deep clean and moisturize your skin. This helps your pore shrink to small. However, if you want that effect, patience is necessary.6. Often drink green tea.

Green tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant effect.
Warning TIPS:
Monthly menstrual period comes, you should not drink green tea. Pregnancy should not drink concentrated green tea. So do Breastfeeding mothers.7. Often drink fresh juices and raw vegetable juice.
Fresh juices and raw vegetable juice are the “detergent” of the human body, which can be lifted in vivo accumulation of toxins and waste. With fewer toxins in the body, the skin will be more smooth.