Benefits of Silk Beddding

All these bedding  you can see following are made of natural silk, 100% mulberry silk. Somebody has ever said that each woman should have her own silk products. Because Silk protein contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 11 of which are necessary for the human body, so pure silk is good for skin, especially for sensitive skin, delicate infant skin and pruritus skin of the old. These amino acid send out subtle molecular, also called “sleep molecular”, which can make the person’s nerve in a stable condition. silk pajamas and silk comforter can improve sleep, enhance body vitality, and slow down aging.


Silk contains natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells – thus helping to reduce signs of aging. Silk is a natural heat regular Maintaining body temperature -Silk does not conduct heat or static electricity like other fibres – heat is retained during cold temperatures and redundant heat is shed during summer temperatures. Keeping your skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Because process of turning those cocoons into silk is a gentle one that does not strip away those natural substances, the benefits of them are still in the silk. Dust mites, mold, and funguses all do not like those substances and stay away from silk.


The best quality mulberry silk duvets can easily last upwards of 15 – 20 years. Because Silk filled duvets are used Grade A long fibre mulberry silk. The long threads in mulberry silk along with its natural tendency to adhere and bond with itself creates a fabric that is very durable and long lasting.


Silk is a naturally thermal fibre. The silk filled duvet will keep you gently warm but not overheated. A pure silk scarf is recommended by some doctors to wear around your neck if you have neck pain. Why? This is because silk constantly keeps you warm, regulates your body temperature and is gentle to your skin.


Silk is the most hygienic material to be used as bedding. So if have to get rid of your down comforter because of dust mite allergies, getting a silk comforter instead is the perfect choice.


Silk duvets because of their thermal criss-cross pattern provide the required thermal properties at a weight a fraction of traditional feather, down or synthetic duvets. Consequently, the light weight on your body is a real benefit to people suffering from circulation issues and arthritis where the weight of bedding causes discomfort.


Silk is a breathable fabric, making silk duvets comfortable in a wide temperature range. Silk duvets are also ideal for women who suffer from “hot flushes” caused by menopause.

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